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Temple Bet Emet is a warm and welcoming URJ Reform Congregation, founded in 1996.
Serving Western Las Vegas, NV: Summerlin, Enterprise, Paradise, Southwest, Spring Valley

Welcome to Temple Bet Emet - House of Truth - Las Vegas

Founded in 1996, Temple Bet Emet is a URJ-associated Reform Congregation serving communities on the West Side of Nevada.

Discover a spiritual home where diversity thrives and traditions evolve – welcome to Temple Bet Emet, your Reform Congregation on the dynamic West side of Las Vegas, Nevada!

Embrace Tradition with a Modern Twist
At Temple Bet Emet, we honor our rich Jewish heritage while embracing the contemporary spirit of Las Vegas. Our Reform values guide us to create a welcoming space where everyone, regardless of background, feels a sense of belonging.

Community Connections that Last a Lifetime
Forge lasting friendships and build meaningful connections within our warm and supportive community. From engaging events to heartwarming gatherings, we celebrate life’s milestones and navigate its challenges together. You’re not just joining a congregation; you’re becoming part of a family.

Lifelong Learning in Every Chapter
Obtain new insights into Judaism with engaging sermons provided at each service. Educational lectures on Judaism and other topics are announced.


Celebrate Jewish Life in Style
Experience the joy of Jewish living with our vibrant celebrations and culturally rich events. From festive holiday gatherings to inspiring Shabbat services, Temple Bet Emet is the place where traditions come alive, and every moment is a reason to celebrate.

Make a Difference Locally and Globally
At Temple Bet Emet, we believe in tikkun olam – repairing the world. Join us in making a positive impact, both in our local West Vegas community and beyond. Together, we strive to create a world filled with compassion, justice, and kindness.

Ready to embark on a spiritual journey that combines tradition with a contemporary twist? Join Temple Bet Emet and become part of a community that embraces diversity, fosters lifelong connections, celebrates Jewish life with open hearts, and supports each other as we celebrate our lives and face life’s everyday challenges and concerns..

Visit us at Temple Bet Emet to learn more and start your journey with Temple Bet Emet today!